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Decoding Inside Delivery: A Closer Look at Specialized LTL Freight Services

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"Inside Delivery" is a term in the freight shipping industry that refers to a specific type of pickup and delivery service that goes beyond the standard procedures. Typically, LTL freight shipping involves curb-to-curb or dock-to-dock pickups and deliveries, where the shipment is picked up and delivered at driveways or loading docks of residences or commercial establishments. When this service extends beyond these standard points, it is referred to as "inside delivery."

Provided as an accessorial or special service by many carriers, inside delivery comes with an additional fee. This service is beneficial when the freight pickup or delivery location lacks a commercial entrance, loading dock, or curbside drop-off, or when the item is cumbersome or heavy, and manual movement is not feasible. Let's delve into what this service entails for commercial and residential deliveries.

In the commercial context, standard shipping deliveries usually involve leaving the shipment near a commercial entrance or unloading it onto a dock. However, if inside delivery is requested, the delivery is placed inside the main entrance of the building or brought inside through another commercial entry point. Bear in mind, though, that this service only covers deliveries and pickups made just within the door of a commercial entity, not carrying the shipment up an elevator or along a lengthy driveway.

Additional transportation within a commercial space would entail an increase in the special delivery charge or an added fee. It's also important to note that the carrier does not dismantle any shipment to facilitate its movement through doors, nor does it execute any "extraordinary" tasks such as carrying freight up or down stairs or through narrow passages.

On the residential front, standard pickups and deliveries usually take place at the end of a driveway or at the curb. In contrast, residential inside delivery involves delivering the shipment further onto the property, like up a driveway, to a porch, or into a garage. However, it's crucial to understand that "inside delivery" in a residential context does not typically mean inside the home itself. The aim is to find an outdoor location on the property that is convenient for the consignee to manage or accept the goods, while avoiding potential damage or accidents inside the residence.

To make an informed decision about whether you need to request and pay for inside delivery, it's crucial to understand what it involves. If you need more information on inside delivery or other accessorial services like "final mile service," "liftgate service," or "white glove delivery service," reach out to the LTL shipping experts at Koho to learn about the options available for your pickup or delivery needs.

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