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Ship from Austin to Virginia Beach 

Discover the most competitive freight shipping rates between Atlanta and Seattle. 

Smarter Logistics offers reliable and cost-effective solutions for inter-city freight shipping, utilizing a range of methods including FTL, LTL, Air and Ocean Freight.


We've streamlined the process of shipping freight from Austin to Virginia Beach, offering competitive rates and a customer-focused quoting system. Gain quick access to freight rates from

top-tier shipping companies and start booking your freight shipments within minutes.

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Freight Shipping in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA, a global hub for air and ground transportation, offers a multitude of freight shipping options. With guaranteed transit times and competitive freight rates, we provide the most cost-efficient cargo transportation to and from Atlanta.

Atlanta is home to major international brands. Many companies have chosen Atlanta, GA, for their office headquarters, making the city a major distribution hub for eCommerce.

Freight Shipping in Seattle

Seattle, WA, is a significant freight shipping hub on the West Coast. With freight destined for locations worldwide, loads of cargo pass through Seattle annually, making it one of North America's busiest ports.


Freight shipments range from commodities such as timber to consumer goods like electronics.

Shipping from Atlanta to Seattle

When shipping from Atlanta to Seattle, start by gathering accurate information on what you are shipping, like the weight and dimensions, including the packaging. The freight will be handled multiple times at several freight terminals along the way.

The approximate distance between Atlanta to Seattle is 2,636 miles, a factor that will influence the final cost as the farther a shipment has to travel, the more expensive it will be. Other factors affecting freight cost include the item’s size, weight, density, and the commodity being shipped. Certain commodities are given a higher freight class which correlates to a higher price to ship.

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